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Create a Life of Fun, Connection & Sexual Intimacy with your Spouse

The Flourish Intimately Online Program designed for understanding, practicing and accomplishing each step towards your sexual goals as a couple!
I want you to experience sex as a couple from a positive, healthy, empowered and partnered perspective and through this course we're going to do a lot of that.
What You'll Experience

Week 1: Shame to Game 

Getting clear on the messages you need to reframe & abandon

Week 2: Permission to Play 

Developing intentional permission to prioritize a better sex life and pleasure

Week 3: Adult Sex Ed 

Getting clear on how sexuality works & how this affects you as couple

Week 4: Practice

Practicing psychological and physical strategies to start seeing measurable changes

Week 5: The Tune Ups

Taking note of what is or isn't working so we can recalibrate successfully

Week 6: Our New Story

Getting clear and deliberate about the new narrative for ongoing success

Bonus #1: Weekly Experiential Exercises

Each week you receive very specific experiential exercises designed to go beyond just thinking and talking!

Bonus #2: Direct Feedback for Your Situation

Each week you'll be able to ask questions directly to me to help better understand your specific situation as we go through the experience each week. These will be done in a Q&A format, allowing for everyone to listen (while preserving privacy).

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What to Expect
Flourish Intimately Online Program is a 6-week online experience starting on August 26th. Each week we will discuss those topics as outlined above where you can join me in live on the video calls where we can interact or you can watch the recorded replay at your convenience.

As as bonus, each week you will also receive some very specific experiential exercises, we shall call "home play" ;-), that will give you as a couple an opportunity to get beyond just thinking and talking, but actually experience the change that you're looking for. It's about creating real and lasting change.

You'll have access to all 6 weeks of content even after the program's over. This is very valuable in being able to re-visit the material into the future.
Who Is this for?

Frustration, Blame & Shame

Couples that have long-term negative patterns and conflicts around sexual negotiations.

Newer in Relationship

Couples who are newer in their relationship and who are maybe hitting some of their first pitfalls.

Satisfied but Ready to Grow

Couples who have somewhat satisfying sexual live together but know there's potential for a lot more passion, pleasure and excitement and want to explore how to make that happen.

Enroll Today for $297 
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(Includes a 30-Day Money-back Guarantee )
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